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Odhroerir Kindred

A Heathen religious group with a difference

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This is a PRIVATE community for the members of Odhroerir Fellowship ONLY. We are a group of people following divergent and sometimes syncretic paths who all find inspiration in Northern Tradition spirituality and mysticism. We are not a local group but a far-flung one and indeed an international one, spread out not only all across the United States but also beyond the Atlantic. The common thread that unites all of us, however, is devotion: to our Gods and Goddesses, our paths, our own spiritual development, and our spiritual communities (however we may define them).

Feel free to direct any inquiries about the fellowship to the founding member via her email, wodandis at gmail dot com.

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT request to join this community unless you have already been accepted as a fellowship member. There are NO exceptions to this. Basically, unless you are a fellowship member this community will be of little interest to you, anyway.