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Looking for crafts

This woman friended me on myspace a while ago, and I really want to pick up some of her stuff. The Well and Spindle

I want to find more Heathen crafters. I know B is working on stuff to sell herself.

A Midsummer table

Midsummer Altar

The altar at siduri's for our Midsummer/Litha celebration on 20 June. We did a nice, simple Anglo-Saxon style faining, feasted, toasted, and talked. It was very pleasant.

Calling a vote

Siduri has suggested we use the Fensalir list (provided everyone over there is okay with that, including the list owner) as our private and unlisted discussion group.

All in favor? Opposed? Please comment to this thread. (And see Siduri's post and the comments to it for more details.)

Edited to add: If we do not, for whatever reason, end up using the Fensalir list, what do people think about having a private email list in general (and using that for most discussions, as opposed to this lj group)?


Winter Nights: Day of the Freya and the Disir

Color: Grey
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of grey place the last sheaf of grain harvested for the year, and the last vegetables pulled from the ground. Place there also many tankards of mead.
Offerings: Food to the Ancestors. Also divination.
Daily Meal: Porridge and root vegetables.

Winter Nights Invocation

(One stands forth and pours out the first tankard of mead as a libation, and says:)

Hail to the Disir!
Hail to the mothers, the grandmothers,
The great-grandmothers, and their mothers,
The ancestral wombs from whence we all came!
Hail to those wise eyes that watch our families!
The red line of blood extends back into the mists,
Umbilical to umbilical, we all came through
That line of doors, as will those who come
After us into the world.

(One stands forth and pours out the second tankard of mead, and says:)

Hail to Freya the Vanadis!
Lady of the Vanir whose soul
Is bound to the Earth, the seeds that grow
And yet stretches forth into the mists!
In the winter we hail you as Lady of Love,
Warming our cold nights with your smile.
In the spring we hail you as Earth-Awakener,
Breaking open the seed that sprouts.
In the summer we hail you as Gatherer of Warriors,
Taking those to your breast who catch your eye.
In the autumn we now hail you as Lady of Seidh,
Wise sorceress who speaks with spirits.
Open the veil of vision for us, wise Vanadis,
And may our sight penetrate down the line of blood to the future.

(All come forth one at a time and kneel to the Disir, and then arise and pour out a tankard of mead for their own grandmothers. Then divination shall be done, in Freya's name, for any questions that may have arisen during the past weeks.)

From the Order of Horae for today...

Mordgud's Blot

Color: Black
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of black set many knives laid end to end in a pathway, crossed with a single spear. Set also a chalice of mead and seven black candles.)
Offerings: Blood.
Daily Meal: Meat.

Invocation to Mordgud

Hail, Mordgud, Gatekeeper of the Dark Road,
Helvegr’s watchwoman, never sleeping,
Your dark eyes watch always the oncoming road
For the lost soul who must be rescued,
Wandering in the dark with no hope
Of being gathered to Hela’s peaceful breast.
Hail, Right Hand of Hel, Warrior who protects the Way
From those who would plunder the wisdom
Of the slumbering Dead, who would raid
The secrets of the Underworld,
From those who would wreak their doom
In foolishness before their time,
All these you turn away with upraised hand,
Though fools may not understand
The kindness that you do them.
Hail, Guardian of Hel’s Gate,
Whose eyes see the Dead, in all their forms,
Weeping, sleeping, bewildered and fearful,
Laughing with open arms,
All are ushered through your Gate
With your exquisite compassion and comfort
For you leave none behind.
By the Dark Road of Stars, we hail you, Lady of the Last Gate!
By the roaring river Gjoll, we hail you, Mistress of the Last Spear!
By the gold-roofed bridge, we hail you, Mistress of the Black Tower!
By the passage of knives, we hail you, Mistress of the Knife’s Way!
May you welcome us in our hour of need.

(All come forth and prick their fingers, and wipe the blood on the tip of Mordgud's spear, saying, "Welcome me in my time through the last gate." The mead is poured out as libation.)
How's everyone doing with reading Elves Wights and Trolls? I was hoping to put some stuff up during the week, but obviously it never happened. And now the crud has hit me, it's going to take a little longer.
I will say that when I do read it I fly through it. This book is great, very sound material and written in an engaging style. Not much of a surprise, given Kvelduf is an Odinsman, and his wife's name IS Sagadis.

Also, wodandis and bluedolfyn, your first box is enroute. I imagine it'll arrive Monday or Tuesday.

EDIT: I also finally got my copy of Green Hermeticism today. I am bouncing like a geeky occultist. :)
First, in our Green spirit, a list of 62 lesser known uses for vinegar. I used one today in fact, to clean up a "pet stain." Worled like a charm, I tell you.

Also, I know many many moons ago I posted these lyrics, but that may have been before I knew wodandis or bluedolfyn. Besides, they're good and deserve sharing.
Seeker Divine by Hagalaz RunedanceCollapse )

Upcoming festival in July

Hey guys!

Okay, so Laure already knows about this, but I'm posting just in case you're interested too, Soli.

As you both know, I'm a member of Neokoroi, which is a Hellenic group. We're a far-flung bunch, but there are a few things we do to try to get a sense of community, even when most of us are stuck with worshipping solo. To that end, a new festival has been created: Anadikai. Pulled from Neokoroi's website:


We have jointly created a new festival to be celebrated annually as a community - both Neokoroi specifically and anyone else in Hellenismos who wishes to join us. This is still a work-in-progress, so check back for more ideas, fleshed-out rituals, etc.

Name: Anadikia, meaning "renewal of action"

Date: 1 Hekatombaion, or the nearest weekend (July 15, 2007)

Purpose: to honor all groups of gods, to celebrate our community, to ask for blessings in the coming year, give thanks for blessings received, etc. Also an opportunity to worship gods you normally don't, and to divine which gods might want your attention.

Structure: we honor the "Olympian" gods (loosely defined) in the morning, the Nature gods/spirits in the afternoon, and the Khthonioi in the nighttime. These are defined through theoxenia-type feasts for each meal, related to the group of gods honored.

Activities: feasts with full formal ritual preceding each one (procession, purification, libation, sacrifice, etc.), agon (physical contests, chess, board games, darts, etc.), crafts (wreath making, mask making, face painting), temporary shrines built for each group, music played/sung, divinations, ecstatic rites....

There is no specific ritual script for this day, to allow for personal improvisation, but these are suggestions for ways to celebrate, and we will all be doing similar actions at the same times throughout the day.

On our end here in Philly, we're tweaking it a bit. My plan so far is to honor the nature spirits/gods in the morning with a breakfast feast including fresh fruits, wholesome bread with butter and honey and jam, tea or coffee, and an alchohol free type of mimosa drink. I'm moving the "Olympion" gods to the afternoon, when we'll have our heavier feast of some meat product (possibly kabobs with beef and scallops and veggies and definitely potato salad) and wine and beer. The Aesir and Vanir and various Jotunar will be included in this grouping. We will be viewing Pan's Labryinth as part of the festival. For the last feast, we'll be having lighter fare. I may include the potato salad here, to include root veggies. There will be dip and finger food and fresh veggies and more wine. This feast will be fore the cthonic gods and spirits, the ancestors, and the heroes.

Because my family is made up of more than just the Greek gods, I feel more than fine about expanding it to the Norse ones as well. And because my family is no longer limited to these two pantheons, I wanted to see if you are interested in joining us, even if you are far away.

It's a Sunday, July 15th.

As far as the actual rituals go for this day, I haven't written them yet, though they're floating around in my mind half-formed. I'm curious towards any feedback you might have or thoughts you might want to add to this?

And, of course, you are always welcome to come and join us in person, but I know that that's hard to do, especially with our yet to be formed cat-free zone.